Working Group Guidelines

OARC working groups (WG) are the primary method by which our organization achieves its goals and addresses issues related to the creation of an open, interoperable AR Cloud ecosystem.

Ideally, WGs will quickly and collaboratively produce insightful, meaningful, highly-respected results. Deliverables of WGs include identification, clarification  and/or resolution of specific technical, policy and other critical issues. They will publish via OARC channels and share publicly, without limits, resources, approaches, solutions and establish standards as needed in collaboration with OARC members and related organizations.

Setting up Working Groups for success:

WGs have a much higher chance of doing great things if the members work together as effective teams. We believe following the recommendations resulting from the multi-year “Project Aristotle” study inside Google could be a good starting point for achieving that.

Google found that there were five key dynamics that  set successful teams apart from other teams.

Startup procedure for becoming a WG member:

To join or participate in forming a WG, one has to be a member of OARC and must execute the OARC agreement which defines handling of Intellectual Property and Code Of Conduct and return the signed agreement electronically before participating in any official WG activities. The document will be downloadable from our website.

Inaugural WG meetings:

When a sufficient number of OARC members have, through our survey, or through other ways of collecting a group of signatories, formally declared their interest in forming and participating in a particular WG, OARC will arrange for a date for the interested members to hold an inaugural meeting. Since OARC is a global organization the members will likely attend the meeting using internet-based tools such as video conferencing solutions to be provided by OARC for this purpose. Also, OARC will make sure there is a slack channel for each new WG where the members can communicate in written form.

OARC will provide a handout to the WGs with some general information regarding our WGs policies and procedures as well as some question to be answered by the initial WG meeting participants.

Along with the handout, OARC will also provide a list of all those who offered their candidacy to sit on the Working Group Council (WGC) of that WG. It will also be possible for participants to offer their candidacy during the initial meeting. In any case: If the total number of candidates for the WGC does not exceed the maximum number of 12 seats the WGC can be formed by the initial meeting without an election.

These are the items that must be be on the agenda for the inaugural meeting:

OARCs Governing Board has proposed initial charters and goals of each WG. The members who are present at the initial WG meeting will start by reviewing and enhancing or clarifying the draft charter together and consider amendments or even significant changes as needed.

The WG members should define and commit to the sound and reachable short terms goals on which the members will work together. These should be the first steps towards bigger goals in the future that help fulfills the WG charter in particular and OARC, in general.

The WGC members must find a time and date within 30 days after its formation to hold the first WGC meeting where they shall elect the first Chair, co-Chair and Secretary. They should also decide if they should ask the Governing Board for permission to modify the WG charter.

Collaboration between the WGC and the General Members

Contributions to the work and activities of a WG are expected and welcomed from all the members whether they are general members or they hold seats in the WGC. We encourage participants to meet as frequently as possible and contribute often and clearly. The WGC members are responsible for the way the whole WG operates and has a special responsibility to review and prepare the output of the WG according to proper procedures and through the correct channels.

Coordination between WGs

It is important that WGs work effectively towards the same goals to help fulfill the mission of OARC. We would like to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and to ensure that different WGs don’t end up producing conflicting or incompatible solutions and recommendations. Therefore, a continuous effort to coordinate and synchronize the activities of WGs will be made. It will be a special responsibility of the members of the WGCs to help in OARC coordination activities. OARC intends to have an “OARC Working Group Coordinator” to facilitate coordination activities.

WG Mission:

Identify and communicate relevant:

WG Output:

WGs will:

General WG Principles/Strategies:

Other documents members of WGs must be familiar with: